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One of The Whatever's priorities, whether through Happenings or Excursions, is to help Baylor students learn to explore their campus and local community. Below is the list of locations that The Whatever has explored as part of their hosted events, ordered chronologically.

List Of All Areas[The Whatever Database 1] Edit

On-Campus Areas Edit

  • SUB 2nd Floor
  • SUB 3rd Floor
  • SUB Gameroom
  • Brooks Dining Commons
  • Moody Library Atrium
  • Memorial Residence Hall
    • Drawing Room
    • 4th Floor Commons
  • Alexander Reading Room
  • Penland Dining Commons
  • Judge Baylor Statue
  • Morrison Hall
    • Classics Lounge
    • Room 105
    • Room 100
  • SUB Barfield
  • SUB Den
  • Fountain Mall
  • Waco Hall
  • Roxy Grove Hall
  • Garden Of Contentment
  • Brooks Flats
  • McLane Stadium
  • Stacy Riddle Forum
  • Marrs McLean Science
    • Room 101
    • Courtyard
  • South Russel Basement
  • Teal Study Commons
  • SUB Quad
  • Minglewood Bowl Fire Pit

Off-Campus Areas Edit

  • Common Grounds
  • Waco Suspension Bridge
  • Waco Fast Food Restaurants
    • Health Camp
    • Chick-Fil-A
    • McDonalds
    • Five Guys
    • The Kitok
  • Sp808 Discipleship House
  • Cameron Park
    • Lovers' Leap
    • Ballpark And Playground
  • Poppa Rolla's Pizza
  • The Game Closet
  • Austin, Texas
    • Magnolia Cafe
    • Driftwood
    • The Green Mesquite
  • New Braunfels, Texas
    • Schlitterbahn Waterpark
  • The Mix Cafe
  • Social Work School Parking Garage
  • Backyard Theater
  • Waco Mexican Food Restaurants
    • Taco Cabana
    • La Taqueria Arrandas
    • El Chico
    • Torchy's Tacos
    • El Fuego
  • Tea2Go
  1. "List Of All Official Events" - The Whatever

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